Self Driving Trucks

With the evention of self driving cars what is in the work for semi-trucks? Self driving cars are a big prioraty for large industries that industries have not spent alot of time on self driving trucks. This would make it cheaper for traders to ship things inland as they would not need to spend money on drivers and the shipments would arrive faster as they do not need to stop and rest every day

What does this mean for the for the 1.7 million truck driver? People already know that with the inventions of self-driving cars that taxis and the newly formes app, uber, would be out of buisness. But for trucks there are 1.7 million drivers that depend on their driving skills to raise families and feed theirselves. This is a big industry that most people do not notice but depend on everyday. If the drivers did not have their job then fresh food would not be delieved on time.

At what point is there to much technology? Today we try to change evrything about our society even things that quite frankly could be left unchanged. While these new semi-trucks would arguable make the streets and freeways safer it still doesn't mean that we should. By doing this we but many people jobs and well beings at risk. Technology to day has acoplished many things, things people that to be impossible, nut when it affects us and truly doesnt help us in the long run we should realize it. And not just with self driving trucks, all things.